How To Build A Home Gym For Less Than $500

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Gym memberships are expensive, and, worse than that, you’re often paying for equipment and benefits you’ll never use. You could hit a 5am spin class, use the free weights area, swim and run 10km on the treadmill and still barely scratch the surface of what’s on offer. So why not build a home gym?

With your own gym, you can personalise the equipment, tailor it to your space and get in a just as efficient a workout without dropping a bomb on features you don’t give a flip about. With a few thrifty one-off investments you can make an at home gym that’ll beat anything else out there.

Adidas Gym Ball ($69.95)

home gym
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Exercise balls are a great way to workout your core. On top of that, while you might have a wobble or two at first, over time you’ll find your balance improves the more you workout with the ball. From bird dogs, to ball lifts or your standard sit up, you can really work on toning you core and putting it through its paces.

Morgan 4kg Medicine Ball ($65)

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A way to build muscle and strength that involves throwing a solid object at a wall. What’s not to like? Medicine balls are among the most versatile pieces of equipment you can add to a home gym. You can use it across varied positions, different planes of movement and help enhance your overall body flexibility.

Dreamer Yoga Mat ($127)

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The bedrock of any home workout is a quality mat. Cheap mats offer limited support, poor moisture retention and fall apart if you put them through repeated use. Investing in a higher quality mat means you get protection for your joints when working out on hard surfaces. You can also use it across a variety of workouts, from weights to yoga or pilates.

Adjustable Agility Ladder ($40)

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If you find treadmills tiresome, you might enjoy an agility ladder. A super simple piece of equipment, an agility ladder can help you improve speed and coordination, while offering a fantastic cardio workout without the cost or size implications of a larger piece of equipment, like an elliptical.

Pro Grade Competition Kettlebells ($48-96)

home gym
Image: Gym and Fitness

Another simple, but essential piece of equipment for your home gym. The kettlebell is a great compromise between cardio and weight lifting. With it, you can combine muscle building and high intensity cardio, which leads to better overall fat burning. The trick is that the uneven weight distribution in kettlebells means you have to counterbalance the weight with your body. That promotes toning and the coordination benefits you typically pick up doing cardio.

3 in 1 Massage Roller ($59)

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Recovery is as important as your workout and massage rollers can help make your cool down more efficient. Incorporating a deep tissue massage with the rollers helps relieve tightness and cuts the risk of injury. It also means you’re able to feel the burn post workout, without aching for days afterwards.

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