Build Your Own Bodyweight Home Gym With Cheap PVC Pipe

If you're not looking to dump $1000 on a home gym system, The Art of Manliness has a guide on how to build your own bodyweight gym at a fraction of the cost. All you need is some PVC pipes, rope and a little grit.

We've mentioned plenty of gymless workouts before, but if you're looking to step up your game, this system adds lots of new exercise options. It's a 24-step process, but since you're just piecing together PVC, it's simple enough that anyone can do it.

When the gym is complete, you have a powerful little system where you can do handstands, chin ups, dips and lots more. The PVC home gym isn't pretty, but most exercise equipment isn't anyway, and this DIY version saves you lots of money.

The Art of Manliness also highlights a full workout routine you can do on your new gym. The video above guides you through some of the various exercises.

How to Build the Ultimate Bodyweight Gym (Using Only PVC Pipe) [The Art of Manliness]


    Doing body weight exercises will get you strong enough to do more the average gym goer anyway. You would be surprised how hard it is to do proper pull ups/muscle ups. Doing legs might be a problem, but a sand filled garbage bag in a rucksack will solve that pretty easily.

    Wow, i can't imagine how terrible that would be to use.

    Not to mention that PVC gets brittle over time - especially when exposed to UV - and you risk a catastophic failure while doing a pullup or something.
    I mean, look at the photo in the linked article showing the flex on the pipes!
    Even my doorframe pullup bar that is made of steel has too much flex to be ideal, I can't imagine how distracting it would be doing excercise on something that moves around as much as this does.

    You would be better off buying $500 worth of dumbells (or a $50 spinlock set), a $200 bench, and a set of rubber bands or doorframe chinup bar (either of these are around $50). Once you learn a good routine using these and pushups you should be golden. It also won't take up a whole room!

      You'd actually be far better off buying a barbell set than dumbells.

    I'm not particularly heavy, but I can easily bend PVC pipe to the point where it collapses and creases. You'd be *far* better off going to your local scrap/salvage yard and picking up a few lengths of steel pipe/scaffolding poles and clamping them together.If you want it to be even more robust, pick up a cheapy welder from Bunnings and stick those bits together so they'd support an elephant!

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