Make A Spicy Bloody Mary With Horseradish Vodka

Make A Spicy Bloody Mary With Horseradish Vodka
Photo: Claire Lower

I have two food-focused quarantine projects, and neither of them involves baking. The first is grinding meat with my meat grinder (mostly for sausage-making purposes). The second is making quick vodka infusions with my blender. Horseradish is a sinus-clearing favourite.

You can buy commercially-produced horseradish vodka, but there is something very satisfying about making your own cloudy, potent blend. Once infused and strained, chill it in the freezer, then sip it out of tiny glasses until you fall asleep. When you wake up, put it in a Blood Mary.

One of the Bloody Mary’s charms is that you can just keep adding shit to it forever, tweaking the flavour and adding garnishes that double as snacks. This is also one of its drawbacks, particularly if you’ve been trying to come up with a three-ingredient variant for a while. (I think that’s just a me problem, but maybe not.)

Anyway, horseradish vodka is basically two ingredients in one—it brings the booze and the heat, and it pairs extremely well with super sour pickle brine. Combine those with tomato juice—or, better yet Clamato—and you have a pretty perfect, fairly refreshing Bloody. You can of course add whatever sauces and skewers you desire, but it doesn’t need anything else. To make it, you will need:

  • 60mL horseradish vodka

  • 45mL of your favourite sour or dill pickle juice

  • 45mL tomato juice (or Clamato)

Add all ingredients to a highball glass, fill the glass with cracked ice and stir gently with a straw. Garnish with whatever pickled things, olives and cured meats you have on hand.

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