PSA: Don’t Flush These Items Down The Toilet

PSA: Don’t Flush These Items Down The Toilet
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Getting toilet paper has been a bit of task in recent weeks with many Australians rushing out to supermarkets in order to grab stocks amid panic buying. It’s meant some have had to turn to other options available but that doesn’t mean they’re equally flushable.

Australia is suffering from a bit of a toilet paper meltdown as concerned citizens buy more bog rolls than needed in the event that stocks deplete due to the coronavirus outbreak. Toilet paper suppliers have assured Australians supply lines are fine but the situation has been ongoing for weeks now.

As some have turned to alternatives in order to ration their stockpile, it appears we all need a quick reminder of what not to flush down the loo. Wet wipes are definitely one example, according to Sydney Water.

“Even though wet wipes might state that they are flushable on their packaging, the reality is that they don’t break down and cause blockages in Sydney Water’s wastewater pipes as a result,” a Sydney Water spokesperson said in a press release.

“Wipes can cause system chokes and damage to private sewer pipes. One Sydney resident reported a $16,000 plumbing bill to repair her private sewer pipes caused by her flushing wet wipes.”


Fatbergs, as I learned recently, occur when oil and grease hit water in your pipes and harden with other waste products that aren’t soluble.

Those conditions essentially help to form a ball of sewage waste that blocks pipes, causes sewage water overflows and haunts lives forever.

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It’s why water authorities are reminding everyone to only to flush the three Ps — pee, poo and paper.

What not to flush down the toilet

These include the following items:

  • Wet wipes
  • Cotton buds
  • Sanitary items
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Tissues
  • Dental floss

Not included on the list, but of equal importance, are the other potential toilet paper alternatives you’ve been using such as newspaper and sponges.

Now, you know what not to flush, please stand together to eradicate the fatbergs from existence. Nobody needs that imagery in their life.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

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