The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads

The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads
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On the first Sunday of February, the world’s biggest brands duke it out on television’s biggest advertising stage – otherwise known as the Super Bowl. Each company has just 30 seconds to grab the public’s attention and stand out from the crowd, resulting in some truly jaw-dropping commercials. No concept is too big. No bikini is too small. No celebrity is too expensive.

Here are 25 Super Bowl ads that live on in our minds like horrible, beautiful dreams.

The going rate for a 30-second Super Bowl ad is reportedly in the region of $5 million (and that’s just to run the ad – production costs are often significantly higher). Judge for yourself whether the following adverts were money well spent. Some of these ads are iconic. Others are offensive and/or stupid. All of them cost more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes. Enjoy.

Pepsi (1992)

Holiday Inn (1997)

Tabasco (2005)

Bud Light (2007)

PETA (2009)

Snickers (2009)

Mancrunch (2010)

Ashley Madison (2011)

Groupon (2011)

Skechers (2011)

Chrysler (2011)

Motorola (2011)

Chevy (2012)

H&M (2012)

GoDaddy (2013)

Taco Bell (2013)

Nationwide (2015)

Yellow Tail Wine (2017)

84 Lumber (2017)

Carl’s Jr. (Various)

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