The Microsoft Office App Finally Brings It All Together

If you’ve ever wanted to open up Microsoft Office programs from your phone, it usually meant downloading each application separately. That all chances now that the Microsoft Office app has been released. Here’s what changes.

For a number of years, Microsoft has provided its Office suite to mobile users but the catch was it wasn’t as powerful as its desktop counterpart and you had to download the apps separately. That means one for Word, one for Excel and one for PowerPoint.

Microsoft has now released the Office app after it was available in beta for some users. Now you’ll be able to make spreadsheets and then switch to a Word document within the same app. Sadly, it only works for the Android phone users out there so if you’re using an Android tablet, Chromebook or an Apple device, you’re out of luck.

Also included in the app is an Office Lens feature, which allows you take photos of documents and convert them to documents. It’s handy if you’re taking photos of whiteboards or important documents you want to send off in an email immediately.

In the Actions menu, you’ll also be able to access a number of handy features including an image to text or table tool, a QR scanner, PDF scanner and a tool to help transfer files between your PC and phone. That’s much better than downloading questionable free apps to get the job done only to realise they’re infected with malware.

Your move, Google. No more separated apps.

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