Microsoft Office Comes To iPhones, Android Preview Available, All Free

Microsoft Office Comes To iPhones, Android Preview Available, All Free

iOS/Android: Having launched an iPad version of the Office suite back in March, Microsoft has now made Word, Excel and PowerPoint available for the iPhone. It has also announced a preview of Office for Android tablets. And best of all, all the apps are now free.

When the iPad versions were launched, you could only edit documents if you had an Office 365 subscription, but now everyone has edit access on the iOS versions. The subscription will, however, get you extra options such as collaborative features, unlimited OneDrive storage, and the Dropbox integration Microsoft announced earlier this week.

The company also announced a new preview for Android tablets. Right now, you have to sign up to be eligible here. It’s also worth mentioning that Microsoft specifically doesn’t want to test Office on any devices running Android Lollipop. For the vast majority of users, that won’t be an issue in the short term, but if the latest version of Android rolls out to your device, Microsoft is humbly requesting that you refrain from updating. It’s unclear if updating anyway will actually prevent the app from working, but at the very least it will probably result in your feedback being tossed out.

More Office. Everywhere you need it. [Microsoft Office Blog via The Next Web]


  • Okay, the blog post clearly says what you say: you can create and edit documents without a subscription. I installed word, and the actual app told me that in order to create or edit documents I needed a subscription. WTF?

    Edit: my bad. It requires you to sign in, but not to have a subscription. Carry on.

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