The NBN Is Crazy Cheap Again [Updated]

The NBN Is Crazy Cheap Again [Updated]
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January is not typically known as a big sales month. (Most people are still recovering from Christmas shopping and Boxing Day sales.) But if you’re on the lookout for a new NBN provider, now is an especially good time to strike. Telstra, MyRepbulic, Tangerine and Internode are all running killer deals at the moment. Here are the inclusions!


MyRepbulic is still running it’s super-fast NBN deal from Christmas: $79.95 for the first six months and $89.95 after. If you use the promo code ‘XMASTREAT’ you’ll also score a $200 Virtual MasterCard e-Gift card. This plan is a 12-month contract, however which works out to a total spend of around $1020. The offer is available until January 14. Click on the interactive table below to learn more:


Tangerine’s NBN 100 plan, which comes with unlimited data, will set you back $79.90 for the first six months. It then jumps to $89.90 per month but you can cancel any time. Here are the inclusions:

Tangerine also has a new NBN 25 plan which just launched today. It’s $49.90 for the first six months, then $59.90 per month. As with other Tangerine plans, it’s contract free.

If you prefer something in the middle, Tangerine’s NBN 50 plan is also running at a discount. The first six months are $59.90 per month. Then it’ll cost you an extra $10 a month but as with the other plans you can cancel at any time.


Like Tangerine, Internode is offering a six-month discount on its NBN 50 plan – which brings it down to $59.99. After the six month promotion, it jumps up to $79.99. (The plan is on a contract, but only for the first six months.)

Telstra: NBN 50

Telstra is joing the Black Friday bandwagon with its NBN 50 plan. It also comes with unlimited data and the first month is free and the $99 connection charge is waived. After that, you’ll be paying $90 per month.

Here’s how these above deals compare to the leading NBN 100 plans in Australia:

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    • Tell me about it

      I have Optus cable 100mbit unlimited for $60/m
      Includes free 100mbit upgrade from a grandathered plan and $20 discount for having mobile bundled

      Closest NBN deal is 33% more for same thing. Albeit faster upload. But the sneaky barstards increased 100/40 plans to make 100/20 plans look “cheaper”

      The myrepublic offer appears to be roughly 70/m annualised. Which is palatable given you get 40upload

      Then switch providers after 6-12 months

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