Report: Windows 10 Just Screwed The Pooch (Again)

Report: Windows 10 Just Screwed The Pooch (Again)

Microsoft has done it again. The latest cumulative updates to Windows 10 are reportedly causing major system-breaking bugs. Areas affected this time include boot-up, printing, Windows Search and even the Start Menu. Here’s what we know so far.

“A hot mess of confusion.” That’s how Windows 10 users are describing Microsoft’s latest OS updates, which have once again caused more issues than they’ve purportedly fixed. According to BleepingComputer and Windows Latest, installing the ‘KB4524147’ and ‘KB4517211’ updates has led to a rash of ruinous bugs for some users. Uninstalling the update appears to fix the problems.

Issues reportedly caused by the updates include the following:

  • Broken Start Menu: Affected users have been receiving the message: “Your Start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in” (Signing in again does not fix the problem.)
  • Boot issues: After installing the KB4524147 update, some users can no longer start Windows 10. OS bugs don’t get much bigger than that.
  • Broken Search: The KB4517211 update has reportedly caused Windows 10 Search to fail; either showing blank results to any query or failing to launch at all.
  • Ongoing printing issues: The KB4524147 update was supposed to include a fix for a printing bug experienced by some users. Instead, it seems the update has expanded the issue to additional, previously unaffected users.
  • Broken VMWare Workstation: The aforementioned KB4517211 update has also killed VMWare Workstation Pro for some users, who have been receiving the following message: “VMware Workstation Pro can’t run on Windows: Check for an updated version of this app that runs on Windows.”

If you recently installed either of these updates, the sensible course of action is to roll back to a previous version of Windows 10. You can do this by going to Update & Security Settings, clicking on View update history and then clicking on Uninstall updates. Simply select the offending update and then restart your computer. You can find more detailed steps here.

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[Via BleepingComputer]


  • “some users can no longer start Windows 10. OS bugs don’t get much bigger than that”

    How about the time their update deleted user profiles?
    Not getting into windows is bad. Deleting my data is much bigger problem than that

  • Worldwide all PC’s down and out of action.

    It is only a matter of time that one of these updates ,or a hackers render 85% of PC useless bricks. The world will be a mess. What can we do to prepare?

  • I suspect that most of this anti-Windows sentiment is hype. I’ve had absolutely no problems with my Windows 10 updates. I’m totally up to date and everything is working smoothly.

    It’s sad that the slightest Windows 10 hitch with a few users receives huge publicity whereas all the Apple hitches don’t rate a mention – like the latest MacOS update not running older software for example. At least Windows has always run legacy software.

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