Latest Windows 10 Update Could Be The Worst One Yet

Latest Windows 10 Update Could Be The Worst One Yet
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We regret to inform you that the latest Windows 10 updates continue to be downright pests. This time, there are reports of some users receiving the rightfully ominous-sounding, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) after updating. Here’s what you should do.

Windows 10 update, titled KB4517389 and released on 8 October, is allegedly giving some users the BSOD as spotted by TechDows and MSPoweruser.

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge whether the update is causing this issue but the reports allege the users have traced the problem back to the KB4517389 update and that uninstalling it has fixed the problem for most. If the reports are true, it’s just another issue to add to the plagued run of updates.

If this is the first you’re hearing of Windows 10’s woes, let us remind you of the issues in recent weeks.

Previous updates such as KB4512941 and KB4515384 have fixed one issue only to cause another. Users reported those updates caused Cortana to chew up all their CPU while others complained of broken search bars and start menus.

Microsoft confirmed those bugs were present but has since patched them with subsequent updates. While those updates certainly hampered computer performance, they weren’t as serious as the BSOD issue.

How do I fix this one?

If the KB4517389 update has slipped through to your PC, the best thing to do is uninstall it for now until it’s been fixed. First head to your Control Panel then click on the Add or remove programs button and select Programs and Features. Once there, select View installed updates on the left-hand panel, look for the KB4517389 update, right click and select Uninstall.

As always, it’s best to back up your PC before each install and uninstall just in case there are further bugs causing havoc.

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  • No problems with my update on 18/10/19. My PC refused to accept updates before then; it would do a little dance and then revert back to before the update. The “attempted” updates would knock out my TV drivers, screen aspect ratio and change the screen saver.

    This time around it left my TV drivers alone and all seems perfect. Apparently Microsoft hate TV drivers ever since they stopped supporting Media Center.

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