Marmite Makes Any Dip Better

Marmite is the Fernet-Branca of the condiment world. Like the bitter amaro, the super salty yeast spread is extremely polarising, and people tend to either despise it on a visceral level or love it with their whole heart. But even if you aren’t one to spread Marmite on toast, you can use it to add oomph to creamy spreads and dips.

Editor’s Note: Strangely enough, Marmite is sold in Australia under the name ‘Our Mate’. It’s is available in most grocery stores, including Woolies.

The flavour of marmite is best described as “what if soy sauce, but too much?” It’s thick and viscous, super savoury and salty, and has a surprisingly bitter finish. It’s not exactly “pleasant,” but it is flavourful. When tempered with creamy, fattier ingredients (such as sour cream or cream cheese), it’s downright delicious.

You do not need a lot of Marmite to liven up a dip; half a teaspoon per cup of dip will add a deep, roasted, savoury flavour that you can’t quite put your finger on, but add any more than that, and the dip will start to taste like Marmite (which could be ok, depending on who you are).

Add it to onion dip, add it to queso, add it to a cheese ball. Heck, you can even swirl it into a little cream cheese for an extra savoury bagel. (I did this just this morning. It was good.)


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