Finally, A Hack For Reaching Your Marmite

If you’re partial to Marmite (AKA Vegemite’s runnier and slightly sweeter sibling) you know how hard it is to reach that last bit at the bottom of the jar. Eventually your fridge or cupboard is full of almost-empty jars of Marmite you can’t bear to throw out.

Thankfully the Marmite makers have built a “hack” into the very shape of the Marmite jar. And it’s so simple we’re kicking ourselves for not noticing.

Simply take your beloved jar of Marmite and set it on its side. The last bits of the thick savoury spread will flow down, and they’ll be easier to scoop out from the top. Like so:

This tweet from @casioroee got 26 thousand likes which is a pretty huge testament to its usefulness.

Now you never have to throw out the dregs at the bottom again.


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