• 11 of our Best Dips for Any Dip-Worthy Event

    11 of our Best Dips for Any Dip-Worthy Event

    Dip is one of the pillar food groups in my diet. It’s versatile, and it significantly improves the eating experience of anything from omelettes to raw vegetables. Heck, sometimes it’s even made of vegetables. Here at Skillet we’ve thoughtfully developed and explored many dips, and dip-making options, suitable for everything from the Rihanna concert/Super Bowl…

  • Make A Quick, Easy Dip With Instant Miso Soup

    I have been eating a lot of instant miso soup lately—mostly for breakfast—because it is easy and intensely savoury, and intensely savoury is a comforting flavour (for me). I also find eating chips and dip to be comforting; the repetitive shoveling motion is almost meditative. Combining the two was an obvious next step.