Android Q Is About To Transform The Phone Camera As We Know It

The final Android Q beta — Android Q Beta 6 — is now available for developers and enthusiasts to play with. This build gives us a near-complete picture of what the public release for Android Q will be like, which now includes some tweaks Google is making to its Camera app.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”The Best New Features In Android Q” excerpt=”Google’s next version of its mobile operating system, Android Q, isn’t quite ready for prime time just yet. For the brave few who don’t mind encountering a bug or two, you can download the beta of Android Q and try it out on your Android phone before it’s available to everyone else.”]

Android Q’s biggest changes so far involve new gesture controls and general UI tweaks, but plenty of other core Android apps and features are also getting upgrades. Here are some of the key differences we noticed in the Google Camera app:

  • Night Mode is now immediately accessible from the main menu, taking the place previously held by the Panorama mode. The app will still display that annoying pill notification suggesting that you turn on Night Mode if the image is too dark, though it’ll now be much easier to use it in the first place.

  • White balance and colour temperature controls have been removed from the app entirely. Time to switch to a more high-powered app if you need these controls.

  • The front-facing flash controls have been simplified to an on/off toggle, and the feature has been renamed to “Illumination” since it doesn’t actually use a flash but rather brightens the phone’s screen to act as an ersatz flashbulb.

It’s a safe bet that these changes will carry over to the full release, which is expected to launch sometime in the coming weeks. Owners of any Pixel handset can get an early glimpse at the new camera UI and all the other Android Q features by opting into the Android Beta Program.

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