Planhacker: Every Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plan Compared

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is now officially available for buy in Australia. With prices starting at $1499, most customers will be snapping up the device on a plan so they can pay it off in increments. Here are all the available plans from Vodafone, Optus, Telstra and Woolworths Mobile - along with our own personal picks.

Buying The Galaxy Note 10 Outright

The Galaxy Note 10 comes in three variants: the 6.3-inch standard Note 10, the enlarged 6.8-inch Note 10+ and the identically-sized Note 10+ 5G. Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 starts at $1499, while the Note 10+ begins at $1699. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G will cost a heftier $1999. You can pre-order the devices directly from Samsung as well as a bunch of other retailers.

Telstra Galaxy Note 10 Plans

Telstra is offering the 128GB and 512GB versions of the Note 10+ in 'Aura Glow' and 'Aura Black'. It seems the white version isn't too popular as none of the local carriers will be offering it. Telstra has also turned its nose up at the standard Note 10 - it's the 'Plus' model, or nothing.

Here are the available plans:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) plans

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (512GB) plans

As you can see in the above tables, Telstra's plans are pretty pricey - if you can afford to pay $170.79 per month, you can probably afford to buy the phone outright too. If you can get by on 15GB of data per month, we'd go for the $120.79 plan.

Optus Galaxy Note 10 Plans

Like Telstra, Optus isn't selling the regular-size Galaxy Note 10 right now and it's only stocking the 256GB version of the 10+. However, the telco has confirmed that it will carry the 5G model in the near future. If you're keen to try out Optus' 5G network when it launches, you may therefore want to hold off for a while.

Here are the available plans:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) plans

Optus entry-level plans are cheaper than Teltra's but you also get less data - 4GB per month simply isn't enough. Instead, go with the $115 plan, which nets you an impressive 60GB.

Vodafone Galaxy Note 10 Plans

Vodafone is the only carrier from the 'Big Three' offering the Galaxy Note 10 model. It's also stocking the 256GB version of the Note 10+.

Here are the available plans:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (256GB) plans

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) plans

Vodafone is the only 'big three' telco that's offering a plan under $100 per month. Unfortunately, it also has a meagre 5GB data allowance. In terms of bang for buck, the best offering here is the $117.45 plan which comes with 80GB of data.

Woolworths Mobile

Woolworths Mobile probably isn't on your shopping radar, but it consistently offers some of the best prices for flagship smartphones. The new Note range is no exception - you can currently score $180 off the RRP when you sign up to a postpaid contract.

Here are the available plans:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (256GB)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB)

The standout deal here is 12GB for $93. If you need more data than that, plump for the $103 plan which comes with 40GB.

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