Put Brown Butter On Fresh Produce

Picking fresh produce and eating fresh produce are two of my favourite activities. I make “salads” that are really just piles of raw corn, eat juicy peaches over the sink and down bowls of berries swimming in heavy cream. I never had much reason to get anything cooked involved, until the geniuses at Food 52 suggested drizzling brown butter over my fresh produce haul.

This move works for a wide variety of plant parts (including raspberries!), but I am, as one would expect, particularly into dressing kernels of raw corn:

Right before the butter burns, pour it all over the raw corn. Now, this is the important part: Stir, so each kernel is dressed to the nines, then eat immediately. The butter should be warm and melty, like popcorn at the movie theatre.

Is that not poetry?

Once that’s done, you should expand your buttery repertoire to include sliced tomatoes, the aforementioned blackberries, and the ripest peaches you can find. (Start with small spoonfuls and dollop on more to your liking, and don’t forget the salt.) The butter will provide a little cooked contrast and richness, highlighting the freshest, brightest of your fruit and veggie bounty.

The Buttery Trick to Better Corn Salads | Food 52


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