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I am obsessed with steamed corn. You take how Oprah feels about bread, and multiply it by three, and that is how I feel about corn. Those crisp, sweet kernels of sunshine are the epitome of good eatin', and it needs very little in the way of preparation.


There are many ways to enjoy the sweet treat that is corn, but did you know that you don't even need to cook it? It's true. Fresh, sweet corn tastes fantastic right off of the cob, no heat required.


Arepas, those golden brown discs made of corn masa (dough) that usually get stuffed or topped, are the "daily bread" for a lot of Latin Americans (especially if you hail from my home country of Colombia or neighbouring Venezuela). Although not technically a bread, they can be consumed at any time of the day, much like the leavened stuff. They're served up plain alongside a steaming bowl of frijoles (beans), buttered for breakfast and topped with a fried or scrambled egg, or stuffed with all sorts of goodies such as chicken salad or marinated strips of grilled steak. The options are endless.