Photo: Claire Lower

You Should Absolutely Add Corn Milk to Your Coffee

I have found a new reason to get up in the morning, and that reason is sweetened condensed corn milk. “What the fuck is that?” you may ask. It’s exactly what it sounds like — sweetened condensed milk that has been infused with the greatness of corn.

Photo: Elena Veselova, Shutterstock

Cook Your Grits in a Golden Corn Stock

Portland, Oregon — the city in which I reside — is obsessed with Southern food. I mean, I get it. Southern food is good, but a lot of the restaurateurs who prepare it have a hard time resisting the urge to “elevate” it, which misses the point of the cuisine…

Grow Baby Corn By Failing At Real Corn

Grow Baby Corn By Failing At Real Corn

I swear these pictures are not fake. I grew baby corn in my back yard, and it was easy. All you have to do, to grow baby corn, is fail at growing real corn.