What People Wish They Knew At Every Age

“You don’t have to be so angry,” I wish I could tell myself at 16. “Get a real job and stick with it,” I wish I could tell myself at 23. You can’t tell your younger self what you know now. But you can give advice to everyone of the same age. And you can read what other people wish they’d known at your current age: at the website Hey, From the Future.

On the site, you can read advice for every age from 13 up past 50, or sign up to give your own advice and vote on others’ advice. Some of our favourites:

Hey 28-year-old, not everyone is your friend. Not everyone is your enemy.

Hey 13-year-old, choose an instrument to learn how to play and practice, practice, practice! Never stop!

Hey 18-year-old, never turn down pizza.

Hey 40-year-old, make things like if you were 20.

Maybe all your advice is specific to your own life. If I’ve learned anything at Lifehacker (other than how to convert a paragraph into the second person), it’s that you never know who needs to hear what, when.

And if reading advice for your age makes you feel too old or too young, look at the other ages on the site. People are never done growing.


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