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I know what you're thinking, and I agree, so let's just get this out of the way: "Having someone to take care of you when you get old" is a terrible reason to bear children. But since you may currently be in the trenches of wiping the bottom of a person who keeps calling you Squishy Belly Mummy and wondering, "So when is this whole parenting thing supposed to pay off again," let's look at some numbers, shall we?


Call it the new game of Truth. Players go around the table answering questions in their little blue booklets, but these questions aren't geared to get them talking about that one time they went skinny dipping in Bali. Instead, the questions aim to launch difficult conversations, ones that may be painful, ones they may have been avoiding for far too long.


Our parents warned us about it, but it's hard to understand until you experience it first hand: as you get older, time seems to fly. It catches you off guard, probably because it's such a powerful and bizarre concept. You can't add more time to the clock, but by understanding how this phenomenon works, you can at least try to make life seem like it's passing by a little slower.