You Can Finally Watch Game Of Thrones Season 8 Without Foxtel

If you’re one of those rare souls who refuses to pirate Game Of Thrones or pay for Foxtel, the wait is finally over. Following yesterday’s series finale, the series is now available to purchase in its entirety on Google Play and iTunes. Here are the purchase links and prices!

The eighth and final season of HBO’s award-winning fantasy series was somewhat controversial in places but on the whole it was a fitting end to the saga. Now that the season has aired its final episode, Foxtel’s exclusivity rights have ended in Australia, meaning you can snap up digital downloads of each episode on iTunes or Google Play.

On iTunes and Google Play, individual episodes will set you back $2.99 in standard definition or $3.49 for HD. However, it’s more cost effective (and binge-friendly) to grab the entire season in one purchase. This year, Google and Apple have also dropped the price, presumably due to the shorter episode count.

On Google Play, this will set you back $19.99 and $23.99 for the SD and HD versions, respectively. For our money, HD is definitely the way to go – it’s only a few bucks extra and the sumptuous production values are definitely worth it.

The iTunes HD pricing is identical: $23.99. However, Apple appears to have retired the standard-def option this time around. (Makes sense we guess – who owns a non-HD entertainment screen these days?)

For physical media fans, you’re going to be waiting a while – previous seasons have taken around seven to eight months to appear on DVD and Blu-ray. Alternatively, you can sign up to HBO Now via a VPN or pirate the episodes via your torrent site of choice – although the latter option is wrong and may have significant risks.

It’s worth noting that Foxtel Now is currently running a ten-day free trial. If you don’t care about “owning” the episodes, you can sign up and watch the whole thing for free. Just remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.

Oh, and if you’re desperate for something new to watch now that Game Of Thrones has finished, check out our guide to similar TV Shows and Movies. Enjoy!

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What did you think of season 8 of Game Of Thrones? Was it a fitting send-off for the series? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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