Game of Thrones Season 8: Release Date, Episodes And (Spoiler-Free) Plot Details

The final season of Game Of Thrones is finally upon us after a 24-month hiatus. Here’s everything you need to know about season 8, including the premiere date, the number of episodes and where to watch in Australia.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”The Cheapest Way To Watch Game Of Thrones Season 8 In Australia” excerpt=”The final season of Game Of Thrones will be swooping onto TV screens this Monday (April 15.) We’ve worked out the most cost-effective way to watch the show legally in Australia.

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When does Game Of Thrones season 8 start in Australia?

The premiere date for the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones is April 14, 2019. (April 15 in Australia.) Locally, the first screening will commence on Foxtel at approximately 11am with an encore screening in prime time. Foxtel Now customers with an appropriate package can select the show from ‘Watch Anytime’ immediately after the initial broadcast.

How many episodes does Game Of Thrones Season 8 have?

Season eight will be the shortest ever, with just six episodes to sink your teeth into. (Most previous seasons boasted ten episodes apiece.) Personally, we think this will make for a stronger whole. In previous seasons, there were always one or two episodes that felt a bit slow and contributed little to the overall plot. By cutting these filler episodes out, we should have a much tighter and exciting finale on our hands.

Is Game Of Thrones still a Foxtel exclusive?

Unfortunately, yes.. If you want to watch the show legally without paying Foxtel, you will need to subscribe to HBO Now via a VPN or wait for the digital release on Android/iOS at the end of the season.

What will happen in Game Of Thrones season 8?

Here’s the official trailer to season 8:

Game Of Thrones Season 8 will pick up directly after Season 7 with the King in the North John Snow battling the white walkers alongside his aunt-cum-lover (eww) Daenerys Targaryen. Meanwhile, Queen Cersei is planning to break her alliance with Daenerys in a bid to cling to power in King’s Landing.

But the ultimate battle will be between the mysterious, otherworldly Night King and whoever is left standing among the Starks, Targaryens and Lannisters. As this is Game Of Thrones, don’t expect every fan favourite to make it out alive.

Get up to speed

With so many characters and warring houses, it can be difficult to keep track of who’s still alive, where they are and who they are fighting for. This epic 16-minute primer covers all the major plot beats from the past seven seasons. Check it out below!


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