You Can Finally Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Without Foxtel

You Can Finally Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Without Foxtel

If you’re one of those rare souls who refuses to pirate Game Of Thrones, the wait is finally over. Following yesterday’s season-six finale on Foxtel, the series is now available to purchase in its entirety on Google Play and iTunes. We have the purchase links and prices.

Season six of HBO’s award-winning fantasy series was arguably the best yet with plenty of fist-pounding moments and trademark shock-deaths (it’s Game Of Thrones so that’s not a spoiler!) Now that the season has aired its final episode, the exclusivity deal with Foxtel has once again ended, meaning you can now snap up digital downloads of each episodes on iTunes or Google Play. (It’s also available to subscribers of Fetch TV.)

On iTunes and Google Play, individual episodes will set you back $2.99 in standard definition or $3.49 for HD. However, it’s more cost effective (and binge-friendly) to grab the entire season in one purchase. On Google Play, this will set you back $23.49 and $27.99 for the SD and HD versions, respectively. iTunes is a bit more exxy: $25.99 for standard-def and $30.99 for high-def. For our money, HD is definitely the way to go — it’s only a few bucks extra and the sumptuous production values are definitely worth it.

For physical media fans, you’re going to be waiting a while — previous seasons have taken around seven to eight months to appear on DVD and Blu-ray. Alternatively, you can sign up to HBO Now via a VPN or pirate the episodes via your torrent site of choice — although anybody who is open to these legally dubious options will surely have done so already.

What did you think of season six of Game Of Thrones? Let us know what you think in the comments!


  • Roughly $30 for the entire season? Not bad. Not bad at all.
    (Especially since if you were paying for watching ‘live’, it was a bit closer to $30/month.)

    • I don’t understand this argument. If the show is that great it wouldn’t matter when you watch it. It’s like arguing old, classic movies aren’t worth watching now because they’ve been out for a few decades. I’ll let Coppola, Scorsese, Speilberg, etc. know their work is worthless because it’s old.

      If someone is only watching it as it is being released then maybe they are just going along with the crowd. They’d rather watch something they don’t like than be left out.

      • While this is true, it also ignores the ‘social event’ component or the value of revelation. (ie: discussing with your friends and not getting spoiled on plot points). Just because YOU might not value those parts doesn’t mean they don’t have value.

        • It’s funny because I don’t watch the programme like many of my friends but I know very little about it. So much for the hysterical cries about spoilers. You call it a “social event” when it fact it might be a bit more of a circle jerk.

          That aside, people are just going to pirate it. Exclusivity arrangements are dinosaur models that prop-up old models which modern consumers just aren’t interested in engaging in. It has been proven time and time again that if a fair, reliable platform is implemented people will use it (iTunes, Spotify, Steam, etc.)

  • Wtf!?
    Is that John Snow?!
    He died last season!
    I was about to binge watch the whole season 6!
    Thanks for the spoiler. don’t think I’ll bother watching at all now.

  • Has anyone been able to watch this on Google Play? I found it on there last night, clicked purchase, but only the trailer is available. Got to the episodes some other way, but when I click on any of them the screen just refreshes and it doesn’t start 🙁
    Then looking back at what I originally purchased it says “pre-order” season 6.
    I can watch the season 5 episodes which I bought on Google Play last year, no problem.
    I’m in NZ.

    • I purchased Season 6 yesterday and started watching them last night. No issues so far. In Australia.

  • I had a day off work (annual leave) on the 28th, downloaded it all with itunes before 9am and watched it in one hit. Well worth doing but if HBO keeps allowing Foxtel to ransom the show, I don’t think I will be waiting next year, especially if it is the final season… spoilers will be everywhere.

  • We pay $135.00 a month with foxtel and they have now taken all game of thrones episode off their system so you cant watch any seasons through foxtel at all. They are a shit company and someone needs to take it over.

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