How To Watch The 2019 UEFA Champions League Final In Australia

The world's most watched annual sporting event takes place this Sunday with Liverpool looking to win its fourth UEFA Cup against underdogs Tottenham Hotspur. Here's how (and when) to watch the UEFA Champions League final in Australia - live and online.

What Is The UEFA Champions League?

The league brings together the top-division clubs across Europe's various competitions and is considered the most prestigious European football tournament. It's also the most watched with the 2012–13 tournament final drawing approximately 360 million television viewers worldwide.

32 teams compete in the group stage, which kicked off nearly a year ago. It's taken this long to get to the final.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (AKA Spurs) won the inaugural UEFA Europa League Cup back in 1972. This will be their first UEFA Champions League final. Liverpool's last title came in the 2005-06 competition though it has placed second several times since.

When Is The UEFA Champions League Final?

The final takes place at the Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid on Saturday 1 June, 2019. For people watching in Australia, kickoff will commence at approximately 5am, Sunday, June 2 AEST. Coverage will start at 4am.

Here's the kickoff time in all capital cities:

  • Perth, WA: 3am
  • Darwin, NT: 4:30am
  • Adelaide, SA: 4:30am
  • Brisbane, QLD: 5am
  • Sydney, NSW: 5am
  • Canberra, ACT: 5am
  • Melbourne, VIC: 5am
  • Hobart, TAS: 5am

Is the UEFA Champions League Final on SBS?

No. The UEFA Champions League Final will not be broadcast on SBS in 2019. We advise bombarding SBS and the current rights holders with angry letters.

How To Watch The UEFA Champions League Final Live In Australia

As mentioned, SBS will not be broadcasting the UEFA Champions League Final this year. (You can use the SBS World Game app to watch the match, but only after the final whistle.)

If you're keen to watch the game live, you're going to need an Optus Sport membership. Most Optus customers will have access to the app included in their plan.

Optus is currently offering 20% off 80GB SIM-only phone plans, which brings the total to $40. If you're on the lookout for a new phone plan, this is a great way to get access to Optus Sports with plenty of data thrown in for good measure. The plan also comes with unlimited talk/text, data-free music streaming and 4GB of monthly roaming data in "Zone 1" countries. Click on our interactive table below for more details:

How to get Optus Sports without an Optus plan

If you're not an Optus mobile customer and have no interest in signing up to one of their plans, you'll need to join Optus Sport which costs $14.99 a month. Annoyingly, there's no free trial at the moment, so you can't do a sneaky sign-up just to watch the final. Tch.

The Optus Sport app is available for mobile (iOS and Android), tablet, laptop, desktop and through partner platforms like Fetch, Apple TV, Apple Airplay, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One.

Experts joining host Richard Bayliss for Optus Sport’s live coverage include Michael Bridges, Craig Moore and Thomas Sorensen. Pitchside in Madrid will be Mark Schwarzer, Jules Breach, Ned Zelic and Kelly Somers.

What about VPNs?

Football fans in the UK can watch the game for free via the BT Sport YouTube channel. Predictably, access to the free stream has been geo-blocked in Australia.

However, if you have a VPN with a UK server you can easily bypass the block by fooling BT Sport into thinking you're based in the UK. A good quality VPN provider isn't free but the monthly subscription fee is a lot cheaper than the plans listed above.

One great option is NordVPN, which is currently offering a massive 75% off VPN plans. That brings the total to just a few bucks a month. Click here to get the deal!

When it comes to consumer rights, deliberately circumventing geo-blocks is a murky area. However, there are currently no laws prohibiting the practice in Australia. Optus might not like it but you can't be fined.

The Best VPN Services For Australians

If there's one basic, essential security feature that you should be using whenever you're online - it's a VPN. We've rounded up the best five for Australians for the upcoming year.

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    Actually Liverpool are looking to win their sixth(!) European Cup/UEFA Champions League.
    The UEFA Cup (now called the UEFA Europa League) is actually a different competition that was competed last night between Chelsea and Arsenal, with Chelsea coming out on top 4-1.

    This is Lifehacker, and you don't mention the alternative of setting up a VPN with a UK server and watching via the BT Sport YouTube channel for free?
    Those Optus kickbacks must be pretty good...

    This is really pathetic that the biggest event in world football bar the World Cup final is only available on one channel - effectively pay per view. Obviously Optus outbid everyone else. Typical UEFA/FIFA money grabbing over fans

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