The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plan From Vodafone, Optus And Telstra [Updated]

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plan From Vodafone, Optus And Telstra [Updated]
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 range officially goes on sale today! We’ve rounded up the single best plan from Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and Woolworths Mobile. Here are the deals!

If you’re buying a Samsung Galaxy S10 at and have deep pockets, pre-ordering from Samsung direct is a pretty smart option. Otherwise, you’re going to need a mobile plan which allows the device to be paid off in incremental payments.

The following plans are all for the base 128GB Galaxy S10 model. If you’re after a different model or capacity, you can check out our in-depth breakdown of every telco plan here.

Every Samsung Galaxy S10 Plan From Telstra, Optus, Vodafone And Woolworths

This morning, Australia's major telcos announced their Galaxy S10 plans and pre-order goodies. To save you the trouble of comparing prices, data caps and other inclusions on their respective websites, we're putting everything into one place!

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We’ve tried to strike a balance between price and data (basically, anything under 10GB isn’t worth it.) As you can see, you’re looking at a monthly spend of $90-$110 if you want to sign up with a major telco.

Here are the plans. Click on the interactive tables below to see the full list of inclusions.

Optus’s Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Deal: 20GB for $90 per month

Vodafone’s Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Deal: 50GB for $101.20 per month.

Telstra’s Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Deal: 50GB for $109 per month

For our money, Vodafone has the best overall plan out of the three telcos above – while it’s $11.20 more expensive than Optus’ offering, you get an extra 30GB of data to play with each month.

Alternatively, you might want to consider Woolworths Mobile instead. Its entry level plan is just $75.78 per month. On the downside, data is capped at 10GB, but if that sounds sufficient for your needs, you’ll be saving up to $25 per month. Here are the inclusions.

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