Reminder: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Pre-Order Bonus Ends Tonight

Reminder: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Pre-Order Bonus Ends Tonight
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If you’re planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 at launch you need to do it tonight before the stroke of midnight. From March 8, all pre-order goodies – including a $250 pair of Galaxy Bud earphones – will no longer be bundled with the phone.

Here are the best pre-order deals: get the while you still can!

For those planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 outright, purchasing directly from Samsung Australia is your best best. This will ensure you’re among the first to get the product complete with a free pair of Galaxy Buds. (Remember – you need to buy by 12am tonight to qualify for the free headphones.)

The pre-order deal is also available from Australia’s leading telcos. However, you need to sign up before March 12 to get the deal. From tomorrow, customers will not receive the free headphones.

Here is every Samsung Galaxy S10 plan from Australia’s major telcos. That includes Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Woolworths Mobile. If you’re after a different colour or model, head to our interactive S10 plan portal for even more options!

Telstra S10e 128GB

Telstra S10e 128GB Lease

Telstra S10 128GB

Telstra S10 128GB lease

Telstra S10 512GB

Telstra S10 512GB lease

Telstra S10+ 128GB

Telstra S10+ 128GB lease

Telstra S10+ 512GB

Telstra S10+ 512GB lease

Optus S10e 128GB

Optus S10e 128GB Lease

Optus S10 128GB

Optus S10 128GB lease

Optus S10 512GB

Optus S10 512GB lease

Optus S10+ 128GB

Optus S10+ 128GB lease

Optus S10+ 512GB

Optus S10+ 512GB lease

Vodafone S10e 128GB 24-month

Vodafone S10 128GB 24-month

Vodafone S10 512GB 24-month

Vodafone S10+ 128GB 24-month

Vodafone S10+ 512GB 24-month

Woolworths S10e 128GB 24-month

Woolworths S10 128GB 24-month

Woolworths S10 512GB 24-month

Woolworths S10+ 128GB 24-month

Woolworths S10+ 512GB 24-month

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