Microsoft Adds Instant Translations To Mobile Edge Browser

The iOS and Android versions of Edge have received an update giving them the Star Trek like ability to translate web pages on the fly. Now, when you hit a website that’s not in your preferred language, it will automatically be rendered in the language you most prefer.

Once you update to the latest version of Edge for iOS or Edge for Android and visit a foreign language website, you’ll have an option to translate the page and then choose whether you’d like to always translate from that language.

The translation feature works pretty well. I speak fluent Italian and the translations I tried were passable.

The latest update also fixes a few bugs and adds the ability to sync your mobile browsing to the Windows 10 Timeline, assuming you’ve set that up.

Along with NewsGuard, an option you can enable to tell you when you’ve visited a site that has a reputation for spreading misinformation, Microsoft is doing a great job of adding useful new features to mobile browsing.


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