Taco Bell Is Coming To Australia (Again)

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Older fast-food lovers among you may remember Taco Bell's ill-fated entry into Australia in the mid 1990s. (After a few years of lacklustre sales it abruptly pulled out of the country.) Now the brand is back (Back! BACK!), with over 100 stores set to open in the near future. Here are the details!

With Mexican fast food enjoying an Aussie resurgence courtesy of Mad Mex and Guzman Y Gomez, it's not particularly surprising to see Taco Bell make another play Down Under. What is surprising is the size of the relaunch which will encompass both Australia and New Zealand.

If reports are accurate, franchise holder Restaurant Brands (which also operates Pizza Hut, KFC and Starbucks stores in Australia) plans to open a total of 60 Taco Bell restaurants across the Antipodes. The first stores are set to appear sometime in 2019.

In Australia, the rollout will initially be limited to NSW and the ACT. (Queensland, which is home to Australia's only remaining Taco Bell store, misses out.)

Interestingly, rival franchise holder Collins Foods plans to open 50 additional Taco Bells in Australia in a separate rollout to Restaurant Brands. In other words, we could soon have upwards of 110 Taco Bells in Australia and New Zealand. Which is rather a lot.

We're curious to see how the brand will fare over here, considering previous attempts failed in a far less saturated market. In any event, we're looking forward to bringing you some takeaway truth exposés in the new year.

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    Having low personal standards I'm looking forward to it but it does seem rather a lot over a short period of time

    ummmm "......Taco Bell's ill-fated entry into Australia in the mid 1990s......." try early '80s in Syd-da-nee. Note- One on Parramatta Road Granville, with Taco Time also around in City**. Just sayin'...
    **Dunno the corp behind the names early 80's.

    Aren't they best known for the quality of the diarrhea it gives you if American tv is anything to go by?

      I've eaten loads of it in the states and been fine. The Doritos shell taco things are delish and they let you grab your own condiments. Not a fan of their special Mtn Dew flavour though.

    Taco Bell is already in Northlakes, new one just been built and a new Oporto too

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