Report: Microsoft Is Replacing Edge With A Chromium-Powered Browser

Report: Microsoft Is Replacing Edge With A Chromium-Powered Browser

Rumours are spreading that Microsoft is ready to throw in the towel with Microsoft Edge, the browser that replaced the much-maligned Internet Explorer in the release of Windows 10. Not even four years in, Edge has failed to throw off the bad reputation of its predecessor, and now it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to start again from scratch. Here’s everything we know so far.

The report comes from Windows Central, which claims the new project, nicknamed Anaheim, will be built on Chromium – the same engine behind Google Chrome. This means that websites should run on the new browser exactly as they do on Google Chrome, while some sites still experience issues when viewed through Edge.

This news comes after 9to5Google spotted Microsoft engineers contributing to Chromium’s source code around two weeks ago, and continued speculation that Microsoft and Google might be working together a little closer than would be expected.

The rumours say the new browser will come to Windows 10, though we’re not sure exactly when it’ll show up. It’s also unknown at this point whether the new browser will be implemented under the Edge name, or if it’ll constitute some new branding along with the new infrastructure. One of Edge’s biggest problems is its lack of brand recognition and therefore lack of support from both users and developers, so we’d be surprised if some level of rebranding wasn’t also on the way.

It’s been good while it lasted, Edge. Thanks for installing Chrome for me.


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