Rapid Review: STM Myth Laptop Bag

There are literally thousands of different laptop bags on the market, from backpacks to shoulder cases to satchels and every form factor in between. It can be very challenging to find exactly the right bag for you. Australian company STM has been in the bag business for over a decade and created some of the nicest bags around. The STM Myth Laptop Brief is a well made and thought out bag with space for a laptop and tablet, as well as convenient pouches for your accessories.

What Is It?

The STM Myth comes in versions for 13 and 15 inch laptops – I’ve been using the 13-inch version for a couple of weeks. My typical inventory of gear I carry includes:

  • 13-inch MacBook with charger and cable
  • 10.7-inch iPad Pro with Pencil
  • Battery pack
  • Three changing cables
  • Ear-buds
  • Pen
  • Stash of business cards

There are convenient pouches for all those items. That kit is all I need for a work day.


Weight 13-inch: 0.7kg, 15-inch: 0.85kg
Dimensions 13-inch: H 27.0 x D 37.0 x W 6.0 cm, 15-inch: H 35.0 x D 24.1 x W 1.6 cm
Materials Polyester
Colours White, Grey and Blue

What’s Good?

The Myth’s light weight is very important to me. As airlines are becoming stricter about enforcing carry on limits, being able to fit as much of my stuff as possible without worrying about the bag’s weight is important. I’ve been caught at the gate with a 1.5kg overweight bag having to be stowed and being charged $50 on the spot by Jetstar and a friend recently saw Virgin get the scales out at an Australian airport.

The bag is divided into four main sections; two larger and two slimmer.

The first large section has a compartment for my laptop and another that easily accommodated my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, which I keep in a slip case. That’s area is lined with soft fabric and provides some cushioning to protect my devices.

The other large compartment has pockets for holding pens, and passport-sized objects. I use that section for my smaller accessories such as cables and chargers.

On the outside areas of the back are two convenient pockets for holding things you need quick access to. One is zipped and the other is open. The zipped section has a sipped compartment within it which is handy for stashing a passport of some other valuable you need to carry but want to keep extra safe.

There’s also a strap on the back so you can slide the bag down the handle of a rolling case which makes life easier if you’re schlepping a case around the airport.

The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable. You can use the Myth as a briefcase and there’s a pad on the strap so it’s comfortable on the shoulder. Last week, I carried the bag on a 4km walk, loaded with my usual kit, and it was not uncomfortable.

What’s Bad?

I don’t have any major criticisms but it’s worth noting the Myth won’t work if you’re looking for a bag that will tide you over for an overnight trip. There’s no room for a change of clothes – even a basic socks and jocks change – or toiletries. If you’re after a bag that will cover you for short trips, you’ll need to look for something a little larger.

Should You Buy It

I’ve owned a number of STM bags over the years and all three of my older, laptop-carrying kids have STM bags they use for school and univeristy. Those bags have seen a lot of action and still look almost as good as new. None of us have ever had a zip or clasp fail. So, if you’re thinking of an STM bag, it should be in the context of a long-term decision as this bag will outlast the tech you carry in it.

The STM Myth is a great bag that will last you many years while looking great.


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