The STM Knit Glove: Lightweight Chain Mail For Your Laptop

The STM Knit Glove: Lightweight Chain Mail For Your Laptop
Image: STM Goods

My name is Anthony and I’m a addict. I can’t help myself when it comes to funky and unusual laptop bags, sleeves and satchels. The days of the ubiquitous and boring black laptop bag are behind us (thankfully) and we can now accessorise our portable computers with gear that matches our personal stye. The STM Knit Glove is a protective sleeve that will keep your laptop safe while it’s stuffed into another bag and looks great while you’re carrying it around.

There are 13 and 15 inch versions of the Knit Glove – I’ve been using a 13 -inch version. STM says there are three colour variants, white, green and plum. I’ve been using a white one but, while the green and plum versions look like the stated colour, the white version looks more like a light grey. The use of black stitching in the chain-mail like pattern means this is not white. That said, it still looks great.

The case is very light – it weighs just 71g which means you’ll barely notice it when carrying your laptop around. It’s made from Poly Air Mesh which gives it a lightly textured exterior and a soft, slightly spongy inside. In terms of protection, this isn’t a sleeve that will will protect your computer from significant drops. It’s really about ensuring the exterior of your device doesn’t get scratched or scraped while you’re carrying it around.

If you’re a frequent traveller, STM says it’s ideal as you won’t need to remove the contents as it can be easily scanned at security checkpoints.

At just $39.95, the STM Knit Glove looks great and offers some extra protection for your portable computer without breaking the bank.

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