Review: STM Revolution Backpack

If you spend a lot of time travelling, finding a great bag that can handle clothes, toiletries and your tech can make life very easy. We’ve just updated a very well travelled and worn backpack with a new STM Revolution.

The STM Revolution has a compartment in the main body that can accommodate your laptop. There are two versions of the Revolution – one for laptops up to 15 inches and a smaller one for 13 inch or smaller devices. Although we currently carry an 11-inch device, we went for the larger bag so that there’s more room for luggage and if we device to get a larger computer in future.

The main compartment has plenty of room for a couple of days of clothing, a toiletry bag and a pair of shoes – at least given our fairly casual personal dress code.

On the back is another compartment with a zipped section and sots for pens and other bits and pieces. There’s also a place to hang keys so you can easily find them. The zipped section was large enough for a 7-inch tablet.

On the outside, there’s an expandable pocket on each side that can easily hold a water bottle and a pocket on the shoulder strap for a mobile phone or MP3 player. And everything can be protected when the weather turns, as there’s a waterproof cover that can be pulled out from the base of the Revolution to protect all your gear.

When fully loaded the Revolution is comfortable to wear. There’s a waist band and straps that lock across your chest so that the bag doesn’t move too much and stress on your back is reduced while you’re moving around.

Our last STM backpack lasted several years and only let us down when the main zip broke. The build quality of the Revolution looks excellent. We would expect to get several years of use as the materials used and stitching look to be very solid.

Revolution medium laptop backpack [STM]


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