Oh Crap, Rick And Morty Is Leaving Netflix

Oh Crap, Rick And Morty Is Leaving Netflix
Image: Adult Swim

Is Rick And Morty one of those shows that you’ve had on your Netflix list for forever, just waiting for the right time to binge it? Well, it’s now or never – the series is leaving Netflix next week, and it may not be coming back.

Along with a bunch of other content leaving the platform this month, Rick And Morty will be disappearing off the Australian Netflix library on November 9 – that’s next Friday. You’ve got just over a week to binge it all, or lose your ability to.

Unfortunately outside of its Netflix listing, Rick And Morty is one of those shows that can be pretty hard to watch in Australia, but luckily not impossible. You can download seasons 1-3 uncensored on iTunes for $49.99 if you want to buy it.

Otherwise, you can use a VPN to access the US version of the show streaming on the Adult Swim site. Check out some of our top picks for VPNs here.

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  • Idk about anyone else but I only got netflix in the first place because of rick and morty, if they took that away from me I’d more than likely just go back to pirating everything.
    Also doesn’t the new season drop like a week or 2 after that? Do they really want most of their Australian audience to resort to illegal downloads because they don’t have the money to buy the first 3 seasons and the 4th season isn’t even on offer so there’s no other way to get it until it’s complete. Then there’s the fact they’re dropping many other shows too, I’m sure those shows have fans as crazy as me that would ditch the platform or resort to pirating shows if they were told to go to the apple store to buy their shows (fun fact: I don’t own a single apple product and I don’t ever plan on it so there’s no reason for me to get the apple store bs on my pc and you can’t buy them from real physical apple stores so…)

  • Also doesn’t the new season drop like a week or 2 after that?

    From what has been said the new season won’t drop till late 2019. So, no it won’t be like a week or 2 after.

    I don’t like that it’s disappearing from Netflix (I dislike streaming services for this reason) but it’s likely a licensing issue. So unless Netflix can secure the license they can’t stream it. Blame the company who holds the license not Netflix.

    As for apple, you can also get it from Google play $17.99 per season so $53.97. You can also buy it from JB Hifi (or other stores) but it’s more expensive. Frankly $18 per season isn’t terrible value. Even if we are spoiled by the idea of free-to-air TV or all you can eat streaming bundles.

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