The International Airlines With The Worst Delays [Infographic]

The International Airlines With The Worst Delays [Infographic]

There are good airlines and there are the many other airlines. This infographic from AirHelp sorts the best from the worst with an emphasis on timeliness and compensatory measures when things go wrong.

AirHelp is a service that helps travellers get their flight delay or cancellation claims paid. This infographic scores worldwide airlines according to their on-time performance, claims handling and claims payout processing.

“The AirHelp score is a number out of 800 that can be used to better predict how an airline will treat you, when flights get delayed, cancelled or overbooked,” the app makers explain on their website. “The higher the score, the more likely an airline is to get your destination on time and to treat you well if for some reason they do not.”

The guide is written from an American perspective but includes plenty of international airlines. Annoyingly, the site does not include Australian airlines yet. If you’re travelling overseas though the worldwide rankings are definitely worth a look.

[Via AirHelp]


  • is generally seen as MALE BOVINE FÆCES by everyone outside of the USA because to “International” means the USA + a tiny number of European/Middle East airlines where Americans (in their loud hawaiian shirts) might ever want to go.

    Australia, New Zealand… Nope. Africa… Nope. In fact, most of the rest of the world doesn’t exist to

    Go and try to find Qantas, Virgin Australia, Tiger, Air New Zealand, Cathay, and so on in their list. In fact, if you click down on countries, try and find Australia in the list! Nope, only the USA and a small number of European countries.

    Ignore this bunch of useless Americans, and ALL their advice. They are not worth even a pinch of pigeon shit.

    • To be fair, there are 78 airlines ranked on the website – far from exhaustive, but still enough to be useful depending on where you’re flying.

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