Which Industries Pay The Best?

Which Industries Pay The Best?
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When you’re planning your next career move, it’s intersting to not only consider the positions and roles you’d like but also different industries. SEEK has looked at the job market and found the industries that pay best and those that might leave you looking for a second source of income. Here are the five best paying industries and the areas you might avoid if you’re after a fatter pay packet.

The top 5 paying industries according to SEEK and based the highest average advertised salary are

  • Mining, Resources & Energy: $116,108
  • Consulting & Strategy: $110,045
  • Construction: $109,325
  • Engineering: $105,810
  • Information & Communication Technology: $104,874

At the other end of the scale, the lowest paid industries based on advertised salaries are

  • Sport & Recreation: $65,900
  • Hospitality & Tourism: $61,944
  • Retail & Consumer Products: $60,704
  • Call Centre & Customer Service: $58,942
  • Administration & Office Support: $58,671

However, the picture isn’t static. Some industries have seen substantial wages growth. For example, real estate and property saw wages rise by almost 14%. Given property prices have been on the rise and the industry operates on commissions, that’s not surprising. And the contraction of the mining sector has seen wages pull back by about the same amount in that sector.

Here are the salary movements across a number of sectors over the last five years.

Image: SEEK

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