The State Of The NBN In 2018 [Infographic]

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Last week, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released its first performance report for the Monitoring Broadband Australia program. Against many critics' expectations, the results paint a reasonably positive picture of our National Broadband Network (NBN), although there is obviously still lots of room for improvement. This infographic from the ACCC breaks down the chief findings from the final report.

The ACCC's monitoring program tested 400 NBN and ADSL services between February and March this year, reflecting 61,000 individual download speed tests. Interestingly, the program found that the majority of NBN customers enjoy fairly stable internet speeds with minimal slowdown during peak usage times.

With that said, the report also concluded that some consumer segments may be better off skipping the NBN altogether in favour of wireless alternatives. (On a related note, here are the best fixed and wireless plans for people trying to bypass the NBN.)

The ACCC also noted that advertised speeds are finally starting to match reality following the introduction of new rules in court. However, this just means that consumers are receiving reliable information about typical busy period speeds instead of theoretical "up to" guesstimates.

You can check out the full ACCC report here - but if you just want the chief findings, the infographic below offers a nice summary.

The Best NBN Alternatives Available Right Now [Updated]

'.Good news, everyone! The NBN is slowly, but surely, getting better. According to the ACCC, the average CVC acquired by the providers is on the up, with the national average now at 1.52Mbps per user, an increase of 37% in the fourth quarter of 2017. It seems the providers are finally being shamed into positive changes. Hurray!

Of course, this doesn't mean everyone is having an awesome time surfing the big waves of the internet data stream. In fact, for some the NBN will never be a suitable way to get online..'

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    Just me, or 400 seem a very, very small number to study?

      Well, any more and that'd mean the ACCC actually needed to do some work.

    Being forced onto wireless is bullshit. It's a bandaid fix at best... I don't want it, and I don't trust it..

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