Step Up Your Grooming Game With These Tips

Step Up Your Grooming Game With These Tips

Pampering and taking care of yourself is a great step towards looking and feeling good. Daily beauty habits are no longer just for females.

Men care about the way they look just as much and to facilitate your primping and preening, Gifts Australia has a wide range of men’s grooming products.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or looking for gifts for men who love to look (and smell) good, here are our top tips for men’s grooming and pampering.

Sharp-Dressed Man

ZZ Top were right when they sang, “Every girl’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man”. Many people will agree that a man dressed in a tailored suit is a major head-turner.

Every nice suit needs the right accessories to finish the look. Cufflinks in designs that match lifestyles and hobbies make practical gifts and fun conversation starters.

Think fish cufflinks for anglers, Ace cufflinks for card players or TARDIS cufflinks for Doctor Who fans. Add a stylish pinstriped bow-tie or a gold-plated tie clip to complete the look of success.

Keep It Clean

Step Up Your Grooming Game With These Tips

Scented soaps and body washes are part of everyday cleaning rituals but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Men’s grooming products have come a long way and today there are many luxury shower and bath gels made with males in mind.

L’Occitane has a range of vibrant and heady body washes that not only clean – they energise and pamper.

For something a little more fun, but still practical, Gents Hardware Brick Soap will impress and humour. The sandalwood scented soap makes the perfect gift for blokes.

Smell Pretty

Spraying and spritzing completes your manly grooming ritual and the result is delicious.

Nobody wants to smell bad or be around someone who smells bad, so adding a luxury, good-quality cologne or an eau de toilette will give you the confidence to go out into the world knowing you’re on top of your game.

Gifts Australia stocks masculine fragrances that are earthy, bold and timeless. They make the perfect gift to yourself, your father or your best mate.

Shave And Tidy

Step Up Your Grooming Game With These Tips

Hipsters may have made facial hair trendy and cool again, but it must be kept well-groomed and tidy. Whether you’re rocking a beard or going with a clean shave, a classic shaving kit is a must for every man’s bathroom.

Baxter of California’s Shaving 123 Kit is top choice for the clean-shave types. The shave set includes an old-fashioned Badger brush for good lather, shaving formula for the closest of close shaves, and skin-soothing aftershave. After shaving with this kit, your face will be smooth and kissable.

Keep It Together

Now that you’re set with your pampering and grooming items, you need to store them all in one easy place. That’s why you’ll need a fine, good-quality leather toiletry bag.

Keeping your grooming tools together makes it simple to find stuff and if you’re going away, they’re already packed and ready to go. It’s too easy. Footy fans will love this Cambridge football-shaped bathroom tote.

Gifts Australia has a large range of men’s grooming products, including men’s hampers and gift sets, that are practical and stylish. Also check out their range of novelty pamper gifts for men who like to laugh.