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With the average Australian spending around $4,250 a year online, cashback sites offer an easy way to save money while shopping. ShopBack is the newest kid on on the cashback block, offering users a one-stop platform to cut the costs of those indulgent internet purchases across fashion, electronics, homeware and even travel bookings.

Without doubt it’s a smarter way to shop, so how does it work?


Laundry is one of life’s most time-consuming chores, but it just has to be done. With the rise of the smart home, features on washing machines are becoming more sophisticated than ever before.

In fact, it can actually be quite overwhelming to decide what you need and what will be useful to you.


Whether you're running your own business, working as a book-keeper or accountant for someone else, or the the IT guy making sure the business has access to the tools they need there's one software category you have to keep in your business' application kitbag. That's accounting software. But today's applications go far further than double-entry accounting, raising invoices and producing a monthly or quarterly report for the tax office. They integrate with warehouse and logistics applications, point of sale terminals and other systems making them the heart of your business' backoffice. Two of the biggest players on the market are the veteran MYOB and Xero.


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen some genuine innovation in the banking industry. Australia’s Big Four banks have had a stranglehold on our wallets for decades, with a lack of competition keeping fees high and consumer choice low.

Even as the internet, smartphones and apps transformed other service industries - taxis, hotels, even your Friday night takeaway - little changed in the banking sector. In fact, it was only late last year that archaic fees for using another bank’s ATM were scrapped.

Meanwhile, things have been moving a little faster in the US and Europe, where digital banks have been taking advantage of developing technologies and relaxed regulations to launch seriously attractive alternatives to the legacy banks.


It goes without saying that Philips Hue is more than just a set of light bulbs you can remotely turn on and off.

When it comes to creating a smart home, they are an essential part of the puzzle and often a great first step to making your house totally connected.

Once you’re set up with a Starter Kit, the possibilities are endless as to how you use the system to transform not only your home but your wellbeing too, given that lighting can often affect our mood, productivity and sleep.


Philips Hue has been around for a few years now and it truly is a must-have for any smart home. It’s a wireless system that allows you to control the lights in your house with a smartphone, instantly changing the look and feel of each room.

The energy efficient LED bulbs connect to Wi-Fi and have the ability to emit any colour on the spectrum - 16 million to be precise.


The growth of online communications has led to a shrinking world where it’s easier than ever to learn about different countries.

However, picking up a new language is still the best way to truly appreciate a foreign culture.

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What exactly is a dating sim and why are they so weird? Why do we define ourselves by things we hate, rather than those we love? Should you trust Facebook to be your dating app of choice? And what is your best online dating story?

On this episode of Static, we are talking about love.


Thanks to today’s global society, almost all of us have family, friends and business contacts spread across the world. With so many international connections, at some stage everybody finds themselves faced with the need to transfer money overseas.

This task can be time consuming and complicated, however there is a way to make the process simple, fast and stress free.


Regardless of whether you’re a sleepaholic or an insomniac, your bedroom should be a clean, soothing sanctuary where you can retreat from the demands of the world.

But if your bedroom makes you go 'argh!’ rather than ‘ahh', don’t lose sleep over it, because we have 10 tips for creating the sleep haven of your dreams.


Emergency radios are one of those things that people never think about until the rain clouds hit.

High winds, hail, and power outages create dangerous conditions outdoors and indoors — slick surfaces and dark rooms make the perfect storm for an accident.

A flashlight and radio are must-haves for inclement weather, and the Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight is available for a special price drop to $37.27 AUD ($US28).


Buying your first home is a big deal. It is both exciting and scary at the same time – rather like bungee jumping!

There are two main components to buying your first home, but they don’t have to feel like a leap of faith. They can be informed, educated processes.

The first component is sorting out your finances, and the second is finding the right home and making the purchase.


If you're anything like the average web user, you probably have a staggering number of online logins, each with their own unique passwords to boot. And, while it's beneficial to change up your credentials, keeping track of your passwords from site to site can get hairy when there are dozens to remember.