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Energy costs are soaring, and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the impact this has on their bottom line.

While we haven’t seen the huge price increases some were anticipating in 2018 (yet), around 76 per cent of businesses are still paying too much for energy.

The average business could save $1000 or more simply by switching suppliers — and that’s before taking into account other measures to become greener.


Seatbelt? Check. Mirrors? Check. Headlights? Check. Staying safe on the road means running through a common-sense list as soon as you get in your car. But, if things go awry, none of those steps protect you from costly repairs or insurance claims.

This High Definition Dash Cam gives you a second set of eyes for day or night driving, and it's on sale for over 50 per cent off.


With many of us spending the majority of our waking hours in an office, it’s never been more important for our workspaces to actually work.

We invited business coach and productivity expert Vanessa Auditore to offer tips and tricks on how to make our office better -- and explain what effects these changes would have.

According to Vanessa, there are three outcomes you want when looking to work wonders with your office - reducing stress, becoming more efficient and increasing influence.

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That Startup Show episode two is here and this week we are talking all things SpaceTech!

Once the reserve of government agencies, space exploration is becoming more open than ever thanks to entrepreneurs and startups driving innovation.

Space tourism, robotics and nano-satellites are all growing areas of space investment, but will we see the stuff of science fiction become real in our lifetime?


Even as Australia races towards being a cashless society, it’s often hard to imagine what that would mean for the average person.

One of the clearest signs of a future without cash came in the most recent budget, when the government announced it will ban all cash transactions over $10,000 starting in 2019.

That’s just one of several changes bringing about the real possibility, in theory at least, that we may simply stop printing cash one day.


If you’re considering a job in information technology, or want to progress your current IT career, you’re likely onto a lucrative gig.

Jobs in IT are often ranked some of the most in-demand in Australia -- and they're also among the best paid.

So what do you need to get ahead? It’s not as simple as turning up and collecting your six-figure salary.


Even though information about other countries is available with a just few clicks online, the best way to truly understand a different culture is through mastering its language.

Learning a foreign tongue is especially useful if you’re traveling and want a fully immersive experience, but finding the time to take a language class can be tough.

That's where Mondly and its AI-powered curriculum come into play.

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That Startup Show is back and premiering right here on Gizmodo!

For the first episode we are pulling back the curtain on what really happens at startups, with special guests Kara Swisher, CEO of Recode and Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of 99designs.

From disruptors and unicorns, to angel investors and Silicon Valley, startups have achieved almost mythical status thanks to their prominence is pop culture.


Each new generation of smartphones brings remarkable advances in camera quality, allowing even the greenest shutterbugs to snap prime photos.

But, if you truly want to take your pictures and videos to the next level, a tripod for your smartphone is the way to go.

The ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod can help you take dynamic, stunning photos or videos from any angle, and it's on sale for more than 40 per cent off today.

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There are many challenges facing Australian business, and the changing cost of energy bills is only one of them.

Many energy retailers offer competitive rates and discounts that only last for a fixed period, such as 24 months. Small businesses that fail to perform another comparison when they are due to renew risk losing competitive or discounted rates and an unnecessary rise in their next bill.


Tech TV series That Startup Show is returning - and you can see it first every week on Lifehacker.

The award-winning online show focuses on all things entrepreneurial, with each episode hosted by Gizmodo’s very own Rae Johnston, alongside author and media personality Benjamin Law.

This series will explore startup culture in a rapidly changing world, where robotics, blockchain and AI are bringing new -- and uncertain - ways to do business every day.


With the average Australian spending around $4,250 a year online, cashback sites offer an easy way to save money while shopping. ShopBack is the newest kid on on the cashback block, offering users a one-stop platform to cut the costs of those indulgent internet purchases across fashion, electronics, homeware and even travel bookings.

Without doubt it’s a smarter way to shop, so how does it work?


Laundry is one of life’s most time-consuming chores, but it just has to be done. With the rise of the smart home, features on washing machines are becoming more sophisticated than ever before.

In fact, it can actually be quite overwhelming to decide what you need and what will be useful to you.