How To Design A Happy Home [Infographic]

How To Design A Happy Home [Infographic]
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At the end of a long day you’re tired, you’re lethargic, you just want to fall into the warm embrace of a couch and flick on the sports channel. Or National Geographic. Or that one with all the Real Housewives programs on it. You want to feel happy.

The key to feeling good at home isn’t just about how much TV you can binge watch from the couch – it’s about how you design every room of your house.

Couresty of Saving Spot over at CashNetUSA, this in-depth infographic gets into every corner of the humble white abode and highlights tips and tricks for turning your nightly shelter into a nightly belter.

There’s some obvious ones – hanging family photos in the living area, for instance, prompts happy memories – but did you know that the Journal of Wood Science once showed wood may help lower blood pressure, so you should put up some wooden frames around the place? Look, I don’t know how that specifically works ~scientifically~ but I am here for it. Wood looks nice. When you look at wood, you’re like “wow, what a wonderful, natural looking thing that reminds me of being outside”. Maybe that’s how it works.

There’s also the dining room. What colour should we decorate with? How about a nice shade of red? That increases appetite and stimulates conversation, so its a great fit. In the bathroom you need to hang some ivy – that’ll clear out the formaldehyde and even fecal matter. Plus, it just looks cute.

I live in Sydney, in an apartment, so all these rooms kind of blend into one anyway, but the tips are exhaustive and the infographic is backed up by a significant number of studies.

Take a look below:

How To Design A Happy Home [Infographic]Image: CashNet

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