The Secrets Of The Happiest Couples [Infographic]

The Secrets Of The Happiest Couples [Infographic]
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Do your relationships always end in heartbreak? You’re not alone. Around 35 per cent of Australian marriages end in divorce – and that’s just couples who manage to tie the knot. When you factor in dating couples and de facto relationships, the percentage of breakups is much, much higher.

The good news is that scientists have been studying what makes couples happy using actual science. This infographic from Happify breaks down their chief findings, from optimum positive/negative interaction ratios to the importance of communication.

The following facts and statistics purport to provide the “winning formula” to a happy, long-lasting relationship. This includes spending five or more hours per week talking, minimising negative interactions to a 5:1 ratio and having sex at least once per week.

Granted, there are obviously other factors at play that can influence your chances of finding happiness. (If you or your partner are sociopaths or just arseholes in general, most of these tips aren’t going to work, for example.) But for regular people, the advice contained below should help to steer you towards a happier and more fulfilling relationship.

[Via Happify]


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