Here’s How To Get The New Gmail Right Now

Here’s How To Get The New Gmail Right Now

Google have hit F5 on their Gmail inbox, redesigning the service for the first time in years. It’s super easy to get involved right now and see what all the fuss is about.

To enable the new Gmail, you just need to head to your Gmail account and in the top right corner click on the Settings cog. The very first option under the cog should be “Try the new Gmail”. Once you’ve loaded up, you can decide whether or not you’re enjoying it. If not, just go back to the cog and click “Go back to classic Gmail”

It’s seriously that simple. If you don’t see the setting there, then keep hitting F5 and hoping it turns up soon.

Cosmetically the changes aren’t all that huge, but there are new security settings, like confidential mode which gives your Gmail self-destructing emails, changes to the artificial intelligence that powers Gmail and better integration with the G Suite apps you already use.

Of course, some people may be using Google’s Inbox service and have Gmail automatically redirecting to their more sleek, blue service. To stop Google automatically redirecting to Inbox just head to Settings > Other > Uncheck “Redirect Gmail to”

Then, carry on with Google’s new Gmail! Hooray!


  • There is no top left settings cog. In Gmail, go to Settings, the cog in the top right, then once in the settings, click on the cog in the top right and select the ‘Try the new Gmail’ option.

    You may need to update Chrome to the latest version before the new Gmail works properly.

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