How To Stop Instagram From Telling Everyone You’re Online

Android/iOS: Your favourite social network for pretending you have a perfect life is now ready to let everyone know when you’re online and lurking. Instagram is adding an activity status indicator to the people in your Direct Messages list, letting you know when they’re on and ignoring that last funny video you sent. If you’re of the same opinion as me, you’re probably wondering how to disable this terrible new feature. Good news, lurkers: You can!

Image credit: David Becker/Getty

The feature might be a carry-over from Facebook Messenger according to The Next Web, but just because you can know when someone’s online and killing time scrolling through images doesn’t mean you should.

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Disabling Your Status Indicator

Removing your status indicator, letting you lurk with reckless abandon, becoming beholden to no one’s demand on your time or attention, is easy. Open the app, select your Profile tab, and hit the Settings icon. Scroll down and toggle off “Show Activity Status”. Problem solved.

Instagram now tells everyone when you’re active, here’s how to hide it [The Next Web]