Everyday.me Collates Your Social Networking Activity Into A Journal

iOS: If you've ever wanted to keep a journal but found it hard to keep up with adding entries every day, Everyday.me can help. The free app automatically pulls in entries from your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to create your personal diary.

After linking your social media accounts, you can expand on or modify the posts Everyday.me pulls in by adding more text, photos, emoticons or tags.

You can also add entries manually in the app or by emailing your entries to [email protected] Even if you're not active on these social networks, the email-to-entry feature is pretty handy.

Your entries are displayed chronologically in a Facebook-like timeline. You can access these also on the Everyday.me website.

Android and other mobile apps are supposedly in the works, as are printed "quarterly and annual reports" with highlights and statistics for everyone who's into the "quantified self".

Everyday.me - Record your life. Store it forever. [iTunes App Store via AddictiveTips]


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