Australian Open 2018 Finals: Start Times And How To Watch Online

After a grueling fortnight of competition, the 2018 Australian Open finals are about to kick off. Here is everything sports fans need to know, including what time the match starts and the various ways you can watch it live and online.

For the purpose of brevity, we’re focusing on the Men’s and Women’s Singles finals here, which is all anyone really cares about. (Sorry Mixed Doubles fans!)

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Australian Open 2018: How To Watch Live, Online And For Free” excerpt=”On Monday (January 15), one of the world’s biggest tennis events – the Australian Open – returns to the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. If you’re stuck at work when it’s all happening or don’t have access to free-to-air TV for whatever reason, we have you covered! Here’s how to watch the 2018 Australian Open from your desk or on your mobile phone for free.”]

Australian Open 2018 Final: When Is It On?

  • The Australian Open Women’s Singles final starts at approximately 7:30pm on Saturday, 27 January.
  • The Australian Open Mens Singles final starts at approximately 7:30pm on Sunday, 28 January.

Australian Open 2018 Finals: How To Watch On Free-To-Air TV

Channel 7 is the exclusive TV broadcaster for the Australian Open. The finals will be shown on the network’s main channel.

Australian Open 2018 Final: How To Watch Online

Channel 7 will be livestreaming the Australian Open final on its 7Tennis website. You can log onto the site through the browser of your choice using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. If you opt to use a phone or SIM-equipped tablet, make sure you’re connected to WiFi – streaming a 3+ hour tennis match is sure to chew up a lot of data!

The minimum requirements for streaming over the 7Tennis website are as follows:

  • You must be located in Australia and be over the age of 15, or otherwise have a parent’s permission to use the service.
  • You must be using a supported device and for optimal streaming we recommend a minimum internet data speed of at least 3Mbps or above.

If you want an ad-light experience, you can sign up for a 7Tennis premium account to see less commercial content. You can also watch the finals through the Freeview FV mobile app, which streams free-to-air TV content to mobile devices for free.

Australian Open 2018 Final: How To Listen On The Radio

Prefer to follow the action the way your great grandpa did? You’re weird. The Australian Open website is once again running its own audio programme, dubbed “AO Radio”.

You can listen to live commentary on the AO Radio webste, the official Australian Open iPhone and Android apps or on Melbourne Park’s 99.7 FM radio station.

Australian Open 2018 Final: How To Watch Live

Tickets to the Australian Open 2017 finals can be purchased through Ticketek, but they’re selling out fast – click here to see what’s available. You can also try your luck with scalpers and online resellers, but expect to pay a highly inflated price.

If you want the crowd atmosphere without paying through the nose, a better bet might be to watch the game at a local pub. Just make sure they actually plan to show the tennis before you show up!

Some pubs, particularly in Melbourne, even erect big outdoor screens. The GameOn live sports website has a comprehensive list of venues that are searchable by postcode. Find it here.


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