Revealed: Amazon Australia's Most Overpriced Products

Amazon has officially launched in Australia - and the results have been pretty underwhelming. Instead of recession-busting bargains and mass mercantile disruption, we got prices that were... kinda okay.

While there are some decent deals in the offing, the majority of prices are only slightly better than traditional retail - and others are worse. Much, much worse.

Given the number of would-be customers who have been complaining online, we figured we'd take a look at the most overpriced items Amazon Australia has to offer. Granted, the prices below come from third-party sellers on Amazon, but you’re still buying them on the Amazon website and they all carry Amazon’s branding and seal of approval. We think this makes the comparisons fair game.

Prices start at over $1000 and quickly skyrocket into the tens of thousands of dollars. Prepare to be dumbfounded.

Movado Gravity Rubber Mens Watch: $1,015.61

Or $680 at the Discount Shop.

Samsung Galaxy S8: $1570.87

Kogan is selling it for $879.

HP Ex-Demo T9S45PA laptop: $4,496.25


Sony 75 4K LED Android TV: $5,779.13

Bing Lee has it for $4499.

DJI Inspire 2 Combo Drone (Includes Zenmuse X5S): $9,499

The official DJI store is selling it for $6499 bundled with extra accessories.

Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH. CS Lens (11074): $10,999

You can buy it new on eBay for US$5999.

Kodak i5600V A3 Document Scanner: $87,162.55

Printerbarn's price is $79,898.95 - which is probably still too much for a scanner.

Star Wars Supreme Edition Stormtrooper Costume: $1,209.95

This is actually pretty standard pricing - but it's cool, so we figured we'd share it anyway.

Have you seen any horror pricing on Amazon's Australian website? Share the links in the comments. (Alternatively, shower us with any bargains you find!)


    The items you have listed are all by 3rd party sellers. Its not Amazon prices. Its the very same Aussies retailer prices, which are ripping us off for decades. Only compare the products that are sold and shipped by Amazon. That will be a fair comparison.

    Lol I like that you affiliate-linked them just in case someone buys them!

    But they do seem to all be third party sellers? That’s not really anything to do with amazon, or unique to Australia. I once saw someone selling 10 floppy disks on amazon US for $15,000 USD fortually I found another seller selling the same pack for $7

    Last edited 05/12/17 5:18 pm

      Fair point, we've updated the article to reflect this.

    Granted, the prices below come from third-party sellers on Amazon, but you're still buying them on the Amazon website and they all carry Amazon's branding and seal of approval. This makes the comparisons fair game
    It really doesn't.
    Comparing Amazon marketplace vendor's prices is no different to comparing different ebayer's prices.

    If you want an article about the (un)competiveness of Amazon's pricing, then it needs to be about Amazon's pricing, not a third party's.

      I respectfully disagree. The difference between eBay and Amazon is that Amazon presents itself as a proper online retailer. It's not just a portal for merchants and auctioners.

      It therefore needs to stand by the pricing on its own website - especially seeing as how all the products are lumped together. If they had a separate site for marketplace sellers your point would be more valid.

    Innoxa Lift & Firm Concealer Natural 12mL is $1000 on Amazon, but $18 from the official website! Probably a pricing error, as the third-party seller has it for $18 but it's still funny to look at!

    ooo gee, would you look at that...another article/whinge fest about Amazon prices only to quote and reference items uploaded by 3rd parties.

    Anything for the clicks right?

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