Amazon Australia's Best Christmas Deals [Updated]

Best online Amazon deals Australia

Amazon Australia has launched and there are mega savings to be had! Stock is already flying out the door, so get in quick to nab yourself some of the cheapest prices. We've rounded up the best deals we've found so far.

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    I see Nerf Rival listed, I thought these were not legal in Australia?

    Nappies price are meh...
    but their AmazonBasic cables are good value. Especially the usb-c cable. They are one of the best value cables around that are fully compliant with USB standard. That also means you are very likely to get a good speed and fast charging.
    The $5 crap cables I can guarantee none of them meet the standard, with dodgy low quality wiring, slow speed and in some cases can damage you equipment.

    wouldnt buy battlefront 2 now even if they paid me!

      i don't think that's how EA's notion of 'pay to win' works

    reposted because of comment edit tardiness.
    I wanted to see if they had any USB type C hubs, but why the hell are the cables all so bloody short? I figure they must be all for laptops, but that doesn't help when I need to feed it down the back of my bench to my PC. Can't find any USB type C extensions either. Actually wait, I found an extension, still bloody exy though!

      OMG, what a waste of time this launch was. You just need to check one product on Amazon eg: their own product the Fire TV stick. The Basic Fire TV Stick is on sale in Australia for $69. And guess what, you get a much better one in the US with Alexa voice remote for US$39. Hey you can't even buy the basic Fire TV Stick in the US anymore, because Amazon are probably dumping it on the Australian market. You would think a massive firm like Amazon would make their own branded products at least the same price in Australia (including exchange rate). I might re-visit Amazon Australia next year, but will continue to use Amazon US via VPN as it is still much cheaper. What a joke Amazon!!!!

    cutting out the middle man?
    by allowing you to buy from Amazon rather than the book depository website directly...

    perhaps you meant 'introducing a middle man'.

    Did you guys get in trouble for your first reviews of Amazon Aust and are trying to make up for it? I'm still looking for the retail-busting game-changing bargains.

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