Amazon Australia Is Now Live!

Amazon Australia Is Now Live!
Jane Lu. (Photo: @thelazyceo/ Instagram.)

The wait is over. After a bunch of false starts and rumoured technical hiccups, the Amazon Australia website is finally open for business. You can buy computers, gadgets, toys, video games and other goodies from Amazon Australia right now.

Well, that was unexpected. Just after midnight this morning, while most Aussies were asleep in bed, Amazon quietly opened its digital doors to the public. (And we do mean quietly – only a tiny handful if media outlets were given an official heads up.)

But who cares about that? The important thing is that Amazon Australia is up and running! As we reported yesterday, the official Amazon Australia categories include Computers, Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Toys, DVDs, Sporting Goods and Beauty.

So, what do the deals look like? How about a Nintendo Switch for $399? Or FIFA 18 for $39 – about $20 cheaper than retail. We also spotted a GoPro CHDHS-102-EU HERO Session for $199. While not earth-shattering these are all pretty good prices.

Amazon will also be offering next-day delivery when you select Priority Delivery at checkout and order before a nominated time although this will only be available in select regions. Crucially, Amazon is also offering free shipping on orders over $49.

Here’s what Amazon’s opening delivery schedule looks like:

Amazon Australia Is Now Live!

Interestingly, book purchases are being handled through “Book Depository AU”. We’re currently investigating if this refers to the UK warehouse. For what it’s worth, Amazon is still promising next-day delivery on these items, which suggests they truly do ship from Australia.

We’ll be back soon with a more comprehensive rundown of what the site is currently offering. In the meantime, you can check out the Amazon Australian prices for yourself!

D-day for traditional retail?

As has been wildly reported, the launch of Amazon Down Under is expected to shake up the Australian retail industry with analysts predicting large retailers could lose up to 55 per cent of their earnings over the next five years.

Despite this, some retailers – including Showpo founder and CEO Jane Lu (pictured above) – aren’t too worried.

“I think we’re not going to be immune from Amazon, but we won’t be as affected due to our strong branding and unique products,” Lu revealed in a recent interview.

“We’re just working on building our brand and improving our offerings to our customers – which is what we’ve always been doing, so I guess we haven’t done or planned anything specifically for Amazon.”


  • I’ve done a few searches. From what I can tell, it’s the same-old, same-old Australian suppliers, same-old, same-old limited product selection, and pretty much same-old, same-old Australian tyranny-of-distance pricing, fronted by a more reliable web site shopping experience.

    Whilst I’m sure Amazon will be a better “shopping portal” to existing overpriced retailers than Click Frenzy, I was hoping for better. Perhaps it will improve over time.

    • Amazon launched today and you are complaining? This is a limited launch evident by Amazon fresh nor prime shipping being available.

      So reverse judgement until the site has been functional for at least a week and not when it has only just launched.

      Remember Rome was not built in a day,

      • A) It doesn’t say anywhere its a limited launch (the soft launch was last month)
        B) Yes we all know it will improve over time, no one is denying that.

        But they had huge (impossible?) expectations to live up to, and they are opening well short of them.

        First impressions mean a lot.

        Eg. This CyberPower UPS

        Is $12 cheaper from UMart after shipping fees ($31 exclduing shipping), and thats best price so people should still do due diligence in googling for better prices before buying from amazon.

        I think amazon need to improve the distinction between what is sold by amazon vs what is sold through amazon, they of course have no control of prices for things sold through them, only by them, but it can still reflect badly on them.

        • You fell for Umart scam to make it seem like Amazon’s prices are shit give it time
          The item you linked is sold by “tramu” which is Umart backwards so yeah

          • Good catch on tramu being umart backwards. i did a search for tramu but didnt find anything .. damn google why do you do a reverse search as well 🙂

            Its not just umart though the other sellers are even more expensive than ‘tramu’

        • The distinction between what is sold by Amazon vs through Amazon is that there is nothing sold by Amazon. Not yet, anyway, that’s what makes this a soft launch.

          • THIS is the problem. On the US site, barring a run-out special or two, when an item is offered direct by Amazon AND by third party sellers, Amazon is almost always cheapest. I’ve rarely bought from third party sellers on AMZN. So when I say I want Amazon in Australia, I want Amazon the seller, not just Amazon the fulfillment channel.

            And again, they’re not managing expectations by saying: “Still to come: Look for your favourite products sold directly by Amazon.”

          • I guess you haven’t actually done much looking around there are plenty of things sold by amazon as opposed to just the market place of other sellers.

        • “A) It doesn’t say anywhere its a limited launch (the soft launch was last month)”

          Examine the facts and make an educated guess.

          Is Amazon prime shipping available on Amazon Australia? Is Amazon Fresh available in Australia? is Amazon’s the Echo listed on Amazon Australia?

          Besides your logic is an argument from ignorance. The argument relies on the lack of information provided by Amazon to justify the proposition.

          “B) Yes we all know it will improve over time, no one is denying that.”

          Does complaining help this situation?

          Remember if you are not happy vote with your wallet.

          “I think amazon need to improve the distinction between what is sold by amazon vs what is sold through amazon”

          Expecting Amazon to have the cheapest for everything is unfair and a bit unrealistic at this point.

          “no, the store was supposed to be functional, otherwise why was it launched.”

          Amazon Australia is not fully functioning. They have yet to add the echo or the option for prime shipping.

          “I’m going to complain that expectations weren’t managed”

          Excellent point and valid.

          Amazon failed in its job to effectively communicate that the site would not be fully functional at launch.

          The lack of communication is indeed very frustrating.

          • We already knew Prime wouldn’t be coming yet, they would need to reach critical mass before they can justify that.

            Prime and Fresh and even Echo have nothing to do with if they are in soft launch or not.

            Complaining/Providing Feedback may not help if they don’t listen and work on their issues, or should we never complain/feedback about anything so no they never know what they need to improve on, which means your a hypocrite complaining about others complaining.

            Not sure what “Expecting Amazon to have the cheapest for everything is unfair and a bit unrealistic at this point” has to do with amazon not distinguishing what they sell vs a 3rd party selling a little more clearly.

      • this one is supplied from others. Their other main stores are not.
        no, the store was supposed to be functional, otherwise why was it launched.

      • Their banner doesn’t say “Here’s a sneak peek! More products including Amazon Fresh groceries coming soon!”.

        So yeah, I’m going to complain that expectations weren’t managed well and that the value prop simply isn’t there for anything I looked up.

        • That’s fair. After all you can’t complain about unreasonable expectations when it was specifically Amazon that said Aussie prices were too high and they would be looking to lower them. I seem to recall they chucked the words ‘a third’ about?

          Sure, as they grow, expand and get a stranglehold on suppliers colesworths style, prices will come down and range grow… but they pourpesfully let expectation build about their prices and fuelled it with their statements so no free pass for them.

          Let’s be honest, it’s going to be shipping where amazon will be saving you money for now. Everywhere they go they seize the supply and delivery chain (sorry auspost, you’re a temporary partner) and offer free shipping on nearly everything.

          Aussie reatilers are still happy to charge you over 10 bucks to ship something to you from their distribution centre 11k’s away from your house (I accept paying more if you live out whoop whoop, but not when it’s cheaper to buy, top up and post a myki card to them and tell them just to put your package on the damn bus) & take a week to do it. Amazon will be killing that cash cow pretty fast.

  • The prices seem, almost across the board, more expensive than existing retailers.

    And of course, just how are Amazon going to deal with ACL? Surely they – as the website – are the retailer in the eyes of the ACCC so they should be required to offer full refunds if the item breaks under warranty or it’s not as advertised.

  • It seems a lot more things are coming up as shipped and sold by Amazon Au rather than just third party sellers. This morning I was looking at lego sets to get my nephews for Christmas and the Lego city jungle exploration site play set was listed as $149.00 + $10.16 shipping from Matty’s Playtime. But this afternoon I was looking around and saw the same set is now listed as being shipped and sold by Amazon AU with a listed price of $99.97 + free shipping.

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