Microsoft Edge Hits iOS And Android

Following a public preview program, Microsoft has released everyone's favourite tool for downloading Chrome to mobile devices. Microsoft Edge is now available through the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. As you'd expect from a modern mobile browser, it delivers Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page, Reading View, and Roaming Passwords so you can maintain some continuity when you switch from between your desktop and mobile devices.

Those of us with a few grey hairs will remember the days when Microsoft swept in to completely squash the most widely used browser during the early days of the Internet becoming public, Netscape. But any chance of them dominating the mobile browser business are slim, at best. The way mobile OS makers have integrated their default web browsers doesn't preclude installing a third-party browser but neither Google nor Apple make life easy for other browsers.

According to a blog post, Microsoft said Microsoft Edge for iOS is available in the United States, China, France and the UK. The Android release adds Australia, Canada and India to the list of countries. However, other countries will be added over time.

With Windows 10 still enjoying a healthy share of the computer user market, it makes sense that Microsoft wants to make the transition between mobile and desktop as smooth as possible. So, I think this is more about making Windows 10 more useful rather than fulfilling a specific gap in the mobile browser market.


    lol, I saw the typo and I liked it. :)

    Chrome still reigns supreme where I work, Firefox has fallen by the wayside. Chrome will be set as default on our next wave of computers too.

      Have you tried Firefox Quantum? It's hard to see a point in the future where Chrome will catch up with it.

        No and probably won't. We've completely dropped Firefox from our standard image going forward as the one big of software that worked best with it is no longer being used. Since we use G Suite, Chrome is the natural choice, your Google account, chrome account, email account are all one and the same. Plus there is the inertia of familiarity. We recommend Chrome. Users however can download anything they want so if you really want this they can use it. I've never heard of it and I work IT so they might need to work better on educating about it.

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