Microsoft Releases Edge For iOS and Android

Microsoft Releases Edge For iOS and Android
Source: Microsoft

The web browser most used to download other web browsers, Edge, is expanding its footprint to the mobile world. Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 10, is coming out in two new flavours; Android and iOS.

The iOS version isn’t officially out yet but can be accessed via the iOS app Test Flight program. The Android version is coming soon through that store’s Early Access system.

The Android version will use the Blink rendering engine from the Chromium browser project. The iOS version uses the WebKit engine, That means that from a compatibility perspective, Microsoft Edge for iOS should match the version of Safari that is currently available for iOS.

Android users will also get a new Launcher.

What’s the benefit? The big selling point is that you’ll have the ability to open a page on your desktop and then continue reading it on your mobile device and vice-versa.

While having another option is great, I wonder how many people actually use a browser that’s non-default on their mobile device. I’m an iOS user and it’s a pain in the butt to use anything that isn’t Safari.

Do you use the default browser on your smartphone or tablet? If not, what do you think the best mobile browser is?


  • Chrome for Android works great, especially as I use that on my other devices. Linked bookmarks and saved passwords is super handy. Scope out a new restaurant on Chrome on work PC? At dinner time, at home, my phone offers directions and details if I am interested.

  • Doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, tablet, computer, whenever I get a new device I always put Chrome on it straight away and sign in.

    IE / Edge on Windows is SO slow, can’t stand it, so Chrome gives me the best browsing across all of my devices.

    Only reason I use anything else is if there’s incompatibilities with Chrome (Sharepoint doesn’t let me download files in Chrome, only in IE)

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