Ask LH: Why Can’t I Get Videos To Play In EverWing?

Ask LH: Why Can’t I Get Videos To Play In EverWing?
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Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been getting into the Facebook Messenger game Everwing but have run into a problem. The ability to watch ads – which grants access to free trophies, dragons and magic items – has stopped working. This puts me at a serious disadvantage when competing against friends for the weekly high score. Please help! Thanks, Jade Fan

Dear JF,

This is an ongoing issue in EverWing that regularly affects players. Unfortunately, neither Facebook nor the game’s maker Blackstorm Labs have offered much in the way of explanation.

“This is a known issue that we are aware of and we are working on resolving. There is no need to contact us regarding this issue at this time,” the website explains rather tersely.

In addition to point-blank refusing to load, video ads also appear to be capped at an arbitrary number per day. When you attempt to exceed this number, you’ll receive the following message instead of a video:

Unfortunately, your only options are to keep playing without videos or postpone playing until the next day.

Hardware can also be to blame. As you’d expect, newer smartphones tend to be more reliable at playing the online videos. If you’re rocking a pre-2016 model, you might need to play on a tablet instead.

According to r/EverWing subreddit threads, there are several troubleshooting hacks that might improve your chances of getting videos to work. These include rebooting your phone, reinstalled the app, deleting data on the messenger app and – if you’re really desperate – creating a new FB account.

On the plus side, it seems a solution really is under way. Here’s what the official website’s FAQ page has to say about the issue:

Video ads are introduced to certain users during this testing phase. The video ads functionality will be released to all players once the testing phase has been completed.

In other words, the video ad function is currently still in beta. Presumably, the experience will become a lot smoother once the final rollout takes place.


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