Ask LH: How Do I Turn Off Facebook Notifications On My iPhone Calendar?

Dear Lifehacker, Is there a way I can stop getting Facebook birthday notifications from showing up on my iPhone and email calendars? They appear every day without fail at midday and it’s super frustrating, if nothing else. I’ve tried looking onto the individual calendars and can’t seem to find a way to disable Facebook sending its birthdays onto them. Thanks, Faced-Off

Dear FO,

Indeed there is! If you want to disable Facebook birthday notifications completely, go into Settings on your Facebook app, select Notifications and switch Birthdays to “Off”. (You may want to disable a bunch of other annoying notifications while you’re at it, such as “Close Friends activity” and “Group activity”.)

The Facebook menu also has separate notification pages for emails, desktop, mobile and text messages. Click on these and make the necessary adjustments as needed.

If you want to keep getting Facebook birthday notifications but don’t want them to appear in your iPhone’s calendar, here’s how to disable them, courtesy of Apple’s support page:

Open up your Calendar app and you’ll see ‘Birthdays’ listed under subscriptions in the Calendar list. Delete this subscription completely to remove the notifications. If you can’t see the Calendar list, click View > Show Calendar List.

If that doesn’t work, try going directly into calendar from the notification center. At the top, where it says “alert style” select none. Hope this helps!


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